– Front Porch Project –
Photographer’s around the country started participating in the Front Porch Project to raise money for charities due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
We all wanted to do something to help those in our communities during this very stressful and terrible time.
The Sid Jacobson JCC is a very special place to my family.
This project was the perfect way to help their Community Needs Food Bank and put a smile on everyone’s faces when they chose to participate.
Each family that participated, over 100 of them, received a 15-minute family session on their front porch and yard.
Socially distanced of course and 100% of the proceeds were given to the Sid Jacobson’s Community Needs Food Bank.
In a two month period, over $18,000 had been raised and it was amazing!!!
These are some of the special families that helped such an amazing place and cause.