Details/The Head Shot


What you decide to wear for your head shots can have a profound impact on your photo session.
Put lots of thought into it. Bring along with you a diverse variety of outfits.
Bolder, more vibrant colors work best along with black or white.
Tops with large stripes, prints or graphics can be very distractracting.
You will want to choose a top to bring out the color of eyes, especially those of you with baby blues.

Ladies, you will want to keep your neck line visible with scoops, v necks, camisoles, tanks and open button downs. These are very flattering looks for you.
You will definitely want to treat yourself to having your hair , makeup and nails
professionally done.

Guys, you look great in a layered look. Match a t-shirt with a blazer, light jacket or a tailored shirt or turtle neck. Make sure your hair andy nails are neat and you’ve shaved that morning.

Your clothing should all fit well. Bulky and baggy seems very sloppy and try your best to get all those wrinkles out.
Accessories such as hats and scarves are a terrific addition to whatever you are wearing.

These sessions are customized to your individual needs. Please contact Stephanie for more details